My goal for Miss Elsie’s Yarnery was very basic…I wanted to carry quality yarns, needles and patterns and to be able to teach knitting and crochet to those who wanted to About Miss Elsie's Yarnerylearn.What I have gotten out of this venture is so very much more. I have gotten such joy out of teaching people, young, old, left handed, right handed and even a blind young woman. To see the look of accomplishment and excitement in the new knitters has been so rewarding.What makes me feel so very blessed is what Miss Elsie’s has become, and that is a gathering place for our community of knitters. What an amazing thing to have happened. When I think of the awesome people I have met through the shop I am overwhelmed. I have learned so much from each and everyone who walks through these doors. The support we have received has not been taken for granted for even a second.

With much gratitude, Pam Anderson


Who is Miss Elsie? Miss Elsie is the cat you see on top of the yarn cabinet in the picture above. I figure you have to have a cat in a yarn shop, right? Elsie is the name of my husband’s grandmother, who I really loved. She always had this look of mischief in her eyes, not unlike most cats I’ve known, especially around a nice ball of yarn.

My name is Pam Anderson and I leaned to knit when I was about 8 years old and learned how to crochet when I was about 11. I enjoyed it back then and now in my old age, I seem to love it more and more. Back then and throughout most of my life, I was using poor quality  yarn and didn’t know any better. Now, through my yarn shop, I have become exposed to a whole new world of  great yarns and needles. I get so much more pleasure from knitting and greater pride in my finished projects . The feel of the yarns are amazing and working with them is such a joy. When I was thinking about adding yarn to our gift shop, people started asking me if I was going to carry Addi Turbo needles. At the time, I had never heard or used them. Out of curiosity, I ordered them, tried them out, and loved them! They are even guaranteed. Quality yarns, quality needles, good times.

It is my hope that if you have not already experienced Miss Elsie’s Yarnery, you will come and check us out. Besides great yarn, needles, patterns and such, we offer a cozy place to spend some time with us knitting. If you have a knitting dilemma or want to learn something new, we are here for you.


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