Since we took over Cottage Gifts back in 2000, we have gone through a lot of changes to get to where we are today. When we acquired  Cottage Gifts, we were located a half block from where we are now and rented the building. After a year or two, we made the decision to purchase what was the old Coast to Coast building that had been vacant for about 7 years. It took us about 2 years to get the financing, building plans and renovation complete. In the beginning, at our present location, we had part of the building as Cottage Gifts and the rest of the building was dedicated to antiques. With the devastating 911 and the  ecconomic aftermath, it was a struggle to keep the antique part of the business going. Some of the changes that came next was the addition of games and yarns, along with other businesses that rented space in our building.

We have since sold the  building and are now renting some space from the new owners. Along with this big change, we have decided to rethink what we would like to do. The internet has made it harder to sell games and gifts and most other things. Our name no longer fit what we have decided to go forward with. We will still carry some gifts but strive to seek out and carry totally awesome items. We will still carry some fun and unique games, the unplugged kind. We will no longer carry teas and candies. The yarns have always been something people like to feel and see in person when purchasing, so we will continue to expand the yarns and yarn related items along with classes.

So….what else are we thinking…

I have thoroughly enjoyed just about anything related to art all my life and in these past years I have been teaching more and more classes on knitting, crocheting, painting and more. This has become a joy and passion of mine, so fast forward, our goal is to create fun and creative experiences. This is something you cannot get on the internet.

So in deciding how to go forward with our new and updated vision, we were in search of a new name. Pam Day is what we eventually decided on. It has a special meaning to me because that is what my grandson called me when he  was young and continues to call me. When I got a chance to be with him, he would say, tomorrow is Pam Day and it stuck. Now the business name Pam Day is meant to mean spending a day or part of a day here creating fun experiences and fun art through  classes of all kinds.

As you can see, life is always changing, which makes it exciting. I have been blessed and continue to  be blessed with the incredible people I have met along the way, I am constantly grateful for that and so much more. I hope you will spend some time with us.

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